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General Rules

1. Do not submit a single gallery is not a TGP
2. We don't accept sites with consoles (pop-ups)
3. We don't accept sites with any kind of viruses or dialers
4. Return link to us is requied (see information below)
5. Recips to other linklists must contain only one domain.

Free Sites Info

1. Your site must be 100% FREE
2. Your site must contain at least 50 pictures
3. If there are underage models in your site, it won't be listed
4. If your site contains overused content, it won't be listed.

How to achive higher position in our listing

1. We like to see our Reciporal button in a company with big link lists, for instance, Hunk Hunter, Hunkmen, Alta Gay Links, Man Pics 2000, Sindbad Bookmarks, PenisBot, Hoes, etc.
2. We like webmasters who use fresh new content.

Reciporal Links (see our recips)

1. Don't hotlink images. Right click on it and save on your hard drive, then upload to your host.
2. Place a reciporal button on your Warning page.
3. A page with a reciporal button must be named as index.html or index.htm (not index01.html or something like).
4. The page with our recipocal link and without any other recipocal links will be rejected.

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